Innovative Business Services

“I don't waste time with boring books or stupid exams.”

summary for busy people

  • You study in Finland (same weather as in Canada, but next to Europe)
  • You study business, media and IT (so you can work in the 21. century)
  • You study in a team, with creativity, innovation and real world problems

no tuition fees — more money to travel

You pay with your effort, not with your life savings.

Instead of getting into debt and risking a poor future,
you can spend some money on travelling around Europe
to gain new experiences together with your friends.

no professors — coaches make the difference

You don't have to sit in a room with 200 strangers, listening
to a guy who has been doing this the same way for 30 years now.

Your group has meetings with your coaches (like in a company).
Then you talk to them: open, face-to-face, focused on your interest.
They even know your name and what is important for your future career!

no exams — just real work

Instead of studying six weeks to ace an exam about
stuff nobody in the real world needs, we give you some liberty:

The Story of Joonas

this is Joonas

Since I was a kid I had always thought of working in the marketing field, to help the companies I share a vision with.

Innovative Business Services caught my eye because it lets me work on real company problems.

I don't waste time with boring books or stupid exams.

Instead we work in teams to find our own questions and answers — the coaches guide us on the way.

It’s not always easy, but it’s so rewarding when you finally get the answer that is genuinely your own.

My classmates are awesome, they inspire me.
Their different backgrounds and ways of thinking make this program unique.

I'm really looking forward to my exchange period in another European country.

Dealing with different cultures and solving real world problems will be priceless for my future employer.

Studying in IBS is even better than I imagined.

I knew there was a word “applied” in the name of the University — IBS just gave that word a new dimension.

What are you waiting for?

Join us in 2012 to get your BBA
at Innovative Business Services in Pori, Finland

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Monday, 9. January 2012
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awesome future